SET Design

Mix 1/4 cup of original fashion designs and
2 tbsp. personal photography then sprinkle in
historic inspirations.
Bake one hour for Samantha Ellison Tripathy.

Permalink Bangle Shop. Allahabad, India (Taken with instagram)
Permalink Bangle Shop. Jaipur, India (Taken with instagram)
Permalink I have been working at this studio in Saint Louis. Its been great using my creativity and helping a small business succeed on the vast WWW.


The beautiful stained glass and metal dome with hand crafted chandelier is the show piece of our shop and studio. This stunning feature was a collaborative effort by the talented coalition of artists at Fabrication Arts Center. 

Feats of Magic: A Ghostly Photo for A Haunting October


My grandparents’ old farmstead is an odd place nestled between a Catholic cemetery and a church in an unincorporated part of Southern Illinois. Along a one lane, gravel, stretch of road, this not-quite-a-town, called “Posen”, was once populated by a small Polish farming community, and now boast of…

Permalink Inside Taj Mahal. Replica tomb behind marble screen facing main entrance.
Permalink Dome inside Jama Masjid Fatehpur Sikri, India. Photo by SET.
Permalink Milan dhaba eatery. Somewhere between Delhi and Agra. 
Permalink Women’s clothing shop at the market in Varanasi, India. Photo by SET
Permalink Hand-loom Banarsi Silk Saree Weaver. Photo by SET